The Latest & Greatest

Dental technology has certainly changed a lot since our dental office first opened its doors almost 50 years ago, but fortunately, our team has worked hard to keep up with all of the latest advancements. When you visit Bay Park Smiles, know that you’re benefitting from the very best that modern-day dentistry has to offer. You’ll be amazed by how fast, comfortable, and precise your care will be thanks to the instruments below.

Intraoral Camera

Simply looking into the mouth used to be quite tricky—at least that was the case before we got our intraoral camera! Now, we can use this small wand to take close-up, high-resolution pictures of the teeth and gums that we can then display on a large monitor right next to your chair. This not only helps our team give you better exams, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your oral health, as your dentist can go over your images with you and point out what they are seeing.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are essential in our dental office, as they allow us to look below the gum line and examine the roots of the teeth and nearby bone, where issues like cavities, infections, and even cancer can develop hidden from the naked eye. Compared to traditional film, our digital X-rays are several times faster, show much more detail, and emit 80-90% less radiation. This allows our patients (as well as our team!) to breathe a little easier.

CT / Cone Beam Scanner

While a regular X-ray is great if we just want to look at a few specific teeth, for certain procedures, we need much more information. With our CT/ cone beam scanner, we can create a highly detailed 3D X-ray model of someone’s teeth, jaws, and adjacent oral structures. This helps us plan for more advanced treatments, like dental implants, plus it allows us to analyze someone’s bite because we can see all of the teeth in a single image.

Digital Impression System

Before giving someone veneers, a denture, or an oral appliance, we always take an impression of their teeth first. In the past, a patient would have to bite into a mold filled with dental putty, but now, we can simply scan the mouth with a small device. In about 5 minutes, it’s able to capture millions of data points and generate a digital impression that’s absolutely perfect. It helps everyone save time while not making a mess like the old way.

Cavity Detection System

For decades, the only way a dentist could search for cavities was by literally poking the teeth with a metal probe. This method allowed many small areas of decay to be missed and not be noticed until they spread. But now, we can expose the teeth to a special light that instantly shows us even the slightest indication that someone might be developing a cavity. It enables us to intervene much sooner and often stop a problem before a patient even notices it.

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