Rest Easy & Wake Up Energized

Partnered With Ashwaubenon’s Top Sleep Physicians

To ensure that patients in our area receive top-notch sleep apnea treatment, we’ve partnered with local physicians and hospitals. With different perspectives from a variety of medical experts, we’re able to offer patients care that’s truly tailored to their unique needs.

At-Home Sleep Testing & Analysis

If you’re experiencing any of the telltale signs of sleep apnea, including chronic fatigue, migraines, or waking up choking for air, then we invite you to consider an at-home sleep apnea test. The process is simple—we’ll provide you with a breathing monitor that you will take home and wear as you’re sleeping. It will track your breathing, oxygen levels, and capture a comprehensive picture that we can analyze to assess whether you have sleep apnea and what type it is. From there, we’ll be able to refer you to a sleep physician or pulmonologist for an official diagnosis before returning to our dental office for treatment.

Medical Insurance & Medicare

We proudly accept many medical insurance plans as well as Medicare to make it easy for patients to receive the life-changing sleep apnea therapy that they deserve. Our team does whatever it can to help people minimize their out-of-pocket costs while making the filing process straightforward and stress-free.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Dr. Brodhagen recommends oral appliance therapy as an alternative or addition to CPAP therapy for patients who may not be seeing the results they were hoping for with CPAP therapy by itself. He can craft a customized oral appliance that you wear at night that will gently shift your jaw into its ideal position to open your airway and allow for maximum oxygen flow. When this type of appliance is used by itself or in combination with CPAP therapy, many patients find that they sleep much better and consistently feel well-rested in the morning.